Capture and Manage Every Sales Lead


Anytime. Anywhere.

No more business cards in a fishbowl.

Leads365 puts the power of lead capture and retrieval at your fingertips

Sync your offline (event) and online (ShopToys365) connections.

Capture a lead at a physical event, add notes, photos, tags and it automatically appears in ShopToys365 so you can easily follow up and convert to a customer.

Retrieve newly generated leads from online activities for tracking and follow up on your mobile device.


Key Features

  • Scan a business card, badge, QR code or enter an email address to retrieve contact details (no wifi needed)

  • Add notes, photos and categorization and instantly follow up via customized email

  • Get useful insights from analytics dashboard

  • Automatically synchronize captured leads to ShopToys365 for nurturing and closure

  • Retrieve new leads from ShopToys365 to track and qualify

  • Export in a format compatible with your CRM system

Seller Benefits

  • Digitally organize leads vs. typing in business cards

  • Send buyers links to your online showroom with a click

  • Accurately track booth visits and all online interactions

  • Be on top of new leads...anytime, anywhere

  • Spend time working the leads rather than capturing

  • Convert more through prompt follow up

Before, During and After Your Event

      Pre-event Setup

  • Prepare email templates and categorization tags

  • Review and update online 365 and app profile

         During Event

  • Scan business card or badge or enter lead manually

  • Add photos, notes, tags

  • Send email using templates

           Post Event

  • Analyze performance

  • Export leads

  • Qualify leads on mobile or web

  • Retrieve new leads 

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