• Viktoriia Sheyko

Shoptoys365 Update


Orders365 is an iPad app for you to quickly capture orders or quotes, and showcase your product catalog to customers in a modern format. It is perfect to use at an event or customer meeting, and ideal as an everyday tool to enhance your sales productivity. 

Orders365 requires a separate subscription. If you are going to exhibit at Toy Fair 2019 in New York, check out this special promotion.


Lookbook is a collection of shoppable photos featuring your products in a live setting or based on a curated theme.  Buyers can directly view details of highlighted items in a photo without leaving the page. It is a powerful tool to guide buyers to shop your products in a visual and targeted manner.

Payment Gateway, Methods and Terms

On ShopToys365, buyers can now place an order with online credit/debit card payment! In order to enable online payments, you as a seller need to enable payment methods and terms and set up your payment gateway. Simply follow the instructions to set up your payment gateway as well as other payment methods and terms. 

Product Video

In addition to images, now you can add videos when you upload a product to your showroom. This option is available on the same page where you upload product images.


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